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Gets your attention, doesn’t it?   Bishop Will Willimon, not I, used this title for a book that is being reissued and that I am using for an after Easter Sunday sermon series.  Many people say that Christians are too judgmental and that Christians talk too much about sin.  Maybe the reality is that Christians […]

Being in Kenya and then Amsterdam visiting with family, I have not commented on Adam Hamilton’s article in the Washington Post on February 13.  Rev. Brent White and I are United Methodist clergy colleagues and share in the ministry of teaching Kenya United Methodist pastors.  We have different points of view on this topic and […]

At Starrsville UMC we are in the middle of a sermon series based on the book, Just Walk Across the Room, Simple Steps Pointing People to Faith by Bill Hybels.  I like this book because Hybels is concise in his writing style along with providing practical ways that we are to share our faith.  Jesus was […]

Last week I attended the Practical Peacebuilding Conference sponsored by Emory University Candler School of Theology and The General Theological Seminary Desmond Tutu Center. On Thursday afternoon we participated in a noon time Holy Communion service in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd on the Campus of The General Theological Seminary. This is the baptismal […]

Today I read this story, “Two Reasons Why Obama Thinks Religious Freedom does not Apply to Business” from Catholic Online.  Here’s the link to the story: I remember the time when almost all employers provided “free”/no extra cost  health care coverage to employees.  It was a “given.”  Then something changed. Health care costs began […]

Have you seen the movie, Secretariat?  I have now watched it four times, and each time I watch it I find another connection the screenwriter (story teller) has managed to connect the unique life of a record setting Triple Crown winning race horse to the Christian story.  When this happens, I am reminded of the […]